Banish Sugar Cravings (5 More Days Low Glycemic Index)

Back in December, I joined a challenge to eat as low as possible on the Glycemic Index (GI) for 5 Days.  Well, my favourite nutritionist, Meghan Telpner has challenged us again, and is inspiring me to see “how low I can go” on the Glycemic Index scale for 5 days, starting tomorrow (Sunday).

If you’re interested in joining, leave a comment on Meghan’s post, where you can also purchase her e-tutorial with all the low-GI info you’ll need, and get all her info on the challenge.

My goals for this time around?

  • no refined sugar or other high-GI foods for 5 days (white, refined flours and sugars & baked goods)
  • eat as low on the GI scale as possible (most veggies, lean proteins, some fruits, dairy products)
  • when eating medium-GI foods (tropical fruits, whole grains), balance out the meal with low-GI options
  • add exercise (this week: bellydance & yoga) to the healthy eating week

I’ll be posting low-GI recipes all week, (much like my normal recipes), so feel free to join in on the fun!  In case you’re wondering which of my recipes are the lowest on the Glycemic Index, they are:


Main Meals:


If you are interested in learning more about the Glycemic Index & how your favourite foods rank, you can try Meghan’s tutorial, a Glycemic Index Database or The Glycemic Index page.


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