Ode to a Leafy Green

I ran away to Nebraska for the last week for the wedding of two of my dearest friends.

And the closest I got to a vegetable was this red velvet cake:

(And yes, it was amazing).

And so, I present to you — my longing Ode to a Vegetable I Missed This Week:


Ode to a Leafy Green

Before I went off to Nebraska
I really should have thought to ask: “Uhhh,
Do you have any of my favourite green?”
It helps me to eat whole and clean.


It’s leafy and bitter in just the right way,
I usually have it every day.
If you take me out of my green routine,
I may become a bit obscene!
But if you favour me with this vegetable,
I always will be quite agreeable.


As salad, side, chip, or green smoothie form,
If I had a crown I would adorn
Kale as the Queen of leaves, in my heart,
And declare my love:
Dear Kale, may we never again be apart!


Real recipes coming again this week, I’ve already stocked up on more kale.  But in the meantime, you could try out my current kale favourites, in how-I-feel-right-now order of preference:

  1. Lime & Sesame Steamed Kale
  2. Raw Lemony Kale Salad — totally on the menu for this week!
  3. Kale Chips — with sumac.  Mmmm.
  4. Kale & Lentil Dal — after a week of roadtrip & wedding food, I’m ready for some lentils and greens!


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3 Comments on “Ode to a Leafy Green”

  1. June 21, 2010 at 11:25 pm #

    You’re beyond cute.


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