Thailand: Chiang Mai – Sweet Treats

Ohhhhhh I love a sweet treat.  And in Chiang Mai we discovered a few delicious things!!!!

First up, Khanom Nang Led — our guide described them as “sweet crispy rice crackers”:


Once upon a time, these treats were originally made from the crusty bits of rice left behind at the bottom of the rice pot (a cross-cultural love — in Persian cooking the best part of the rice is the crusty bit).  These days, they’re made as fried sticky rice cakes drizzled with cane sugar.  Yum.

My fiancé also had them as a savoury dish, (called Khao Tang) served with a peanut dipping sauce!

We were lucky enough to have the sweet rice cakes (which are nothing like the rice cakes we get at health food stores!) pictured above with a cup of “Asia’s best coffee” — Nacha coffee.  Divine.


We also saw them sold at the Waroros Market in packages:


I haven’t tried to make these at home, but I did find a recipe online at — I can’t wait to try it!

We also discovered a really neat new-to-us sweet treat at our hotel: Look Choop.  These are mung bean candies shaped like little fruits:
Mung Bean Candies

I love discovering new foods when we travel, especially sweet treats!

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One Comment on “Thailand: Chiang Mai – Sweet Treats”

  1. Bonnie Duhscherer
    April 6, 2013 at 8:08 am #

    Thanks for sharing your travels, not only of memorie I have, but new things I haven’t seen, and the pictures are so great, I can almost taste the food, and smell the Flowers.

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