Thailand: Chiang Mai – Whole Earth Restaurant

In Chiang Mai, we found a treat of a restaurant, and we liked it so much we went back again — Whole Earth Restaurant!


Whole Earth offers an extensive vegetarian menu (along with omnivorous options), and when they say vegetarian, they mean it — no sneaky fish sauce or shrimp paste anywhere to be seen.

Whole Earth Restaurant

Over two meals, we had three lovely dishes that I just couldn’t get enough of:

Our first delicious dish was Vegetarian Pad Thai — noodles, gorgeous mushrooms, tofu, bean sprouts, carrots, green beans, peanuts, chilies, and fresh lime juice.

Pad Thai

And just look at that carrot garnish:

Pad Thai


And my favourite new vegetable discovery — a lotus seed!  It was beany and creamy and delicious!

Lotus Bean (Pad Thai)

Our second delicious dish was so decadent — Vegetarian Steamed Red Curry Served in a Banana Leaf Bowl — we had it over steamed rice, and it was so rich from extra coconut cream on top.

Red Curry in a Banana Leaf

And our third dish — something I’ve never seen before and just had to try — Sautéed Heart of Coconut with Basil Leaves — a gorgeous stir-fry of coconut hearts, mushrooms, chilies, and fried basil leaves!

Young Coconut Stirfry

They had cut the coconut hearts up like this:

Young Coconut Stirfry

All dishes were served with a fabulous set of condiments — including some gorgeous pickled chilies:


What a great way to say goodbye to Chiang Mai — and onward to our beachy holiday!

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3 Comments on “Thailand: Chiang Mai – Whole Earth Restaurant”

  1. kitblu
    April 11, 2013 at 4:08 pm #

    I have been hearing great things about 3D printers not about food, though. Would a 3D printer give me these fantastic recipes? If they taste even half as good as they look, I would swoon!

  2. Monika Stegmann
    April 11, 2013 at 8:50 pm #

    What exquisite presentation! Food for the eyes and tummy. I’m drooling. Monika


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