Fermented Garlic Carrots

My latest kitchen experiments all revolve around one type of preserving: fermenting!  And ohhh am I loving it.

Fermented foods (like kimchi and sauerkraut) are really great for your digestive health (and therefore your overall health), and after my Fermentation Class with Dana & Joel from Well Preserved, I thought it was high time to start up some bubbling jars in my own kitchen.

One of my favourite preserves from the class was “Fermented Carrots with Garlic” — and as I had some carrots in my fridge, I thought I’d give them a try.

Ohhhh am I so glad I did.  They are like pickled carrots — and they are crunchy and super garlicky.  We have decided that we now need a batch on hand at all times, that’s how much we like them around here.

This recipe is a great place to start if you are new to fermentation — and it teaches you the basic steps.  I just followed the steps as I outlined them in my fermentation class post: Peel – Mandoline – Weigh – Salt – Crush – Clean jar – Small jar smush – 24 hrs – Brine – Taste.  You’ll see that I go into detail for each step in the recipe below.

I took a photo of my carrots’ progress each day. You may find that your fermentation happens at a different pace, but this is how mine panned out:

Day One — liquid was coming out of the carrots:



Day Two — they tasted like wet carrots with a garlicky aftertaste.  There were tiny bubbles on the surface, and the smell was just of carrots.  I added some water to the carrots so they were completely covered.


Day Three — the carrots had a sour tang & were just delicious & crunchy.  I would have happily eaten them at this point but decided to leave them one more day to get just a little bit more sour.  My fiancé taste-tester said they tasted kind of like kimchi.  For me, this was a success!


Day Four — just perfect.  I loved them at this stage, so I drained off the liquid, and popped the jar into the fridge to slow down (and effectively stop) the fermentation.  We ate them in a couple of days.  YUM.



Fermented Garlic Carrots
Adapted from Well Preserved’s Fermented Carrots with Garlic

  • 226g (8 oz) carrots
  • 1 tsp. sea salt
  • 2 cloves garlic, peeled and thinly sliced

Peel the carrots (and chop off the tops).

Use a mandoline to slice the carrots extra thinly.

Pop the carrots into a large bowl and add the salt.  Then use your hands to crush up the carrots with the salt.
Tranfer your salted carrot slices into a clean jar.

Use a smaller jar to smush your salted carrots in the larger jar. Then leave the smaller jar on top of the carrots in the larger jar to weigh them down. Leave the carrots alone for 24 hours in a spot out of the sun to draw out their water, covering the jar loosely with cheesecloth & securing with an elastic band.

After 24 hours, cover the carrots with dechlorinated water (boiled, filtered, or spring water), place the smaller jar back on top, and loosely cover the jar with cheesecloth & secure with an elastic band.

Have a taste of your carrots every day to see how sour they’re getting.  Once you like the taste and texture, drain the carrots and pop them in the fridge to stop the fermentation.  Then eat and enjoy!

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One Comment on “Fermented Garlic Carrots”

  1. September 3, 2013 at 12:40 pm #

    Recipe saved on my laptop. I do love kimchi, sauerkraut and everything is fermented. Thank you for sharing! I’m having a look to your post about the fermentation class

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