Toasted Sesame Hummus

If yesterday’s hummus was bright and lemony with a bit of a zip from the spices, today’s hummus is the opposite. Toasted sesame oil makes this hummus dark and nuttty.  In fact, you could call this Triple Sesame Hummus because it has sesame three ways: Toasted sesame oil, toasted sesame seeds, and sesame paste (tahini).

Toasted Sesame Hummus

The beautiful dark seeds on top are toasted sesame seeds.  Toasting spices, nuts, and seeds before using them in a dish really brings out their flavour.  If I’m going to throw a handful of cashews on an almond-butter stirfry, some pecans on a salad, or some whole cumin seeds in a curry,  I toast them first and the difference is amazing.  It’s easy to do in a small pan on a stovetop, just make sure you watch what you’re toasting.  I always multitask in the kitchen, and then turn around to the smell of burnt seeds.  They don’t take long, so take the time to stand over them so you don’t get burned seeds instead of toasty goodness.

toasted sesame seeds

I like to serve this hummus with a swirl of toasted sesame oil and then a topping of the toasted sesame seeds.  I think this is a great hummus foil to the bright flavours of my lemony House Hummus, and I’ll be serving them together in the future.

Toasted Sesame Hummus

Toasted Sesame Hummus

  • 1 can (300g/10 oz.) chickpeas, drained
  • the juice and zest of 1 lemon
  • 1 garlic clove, peeled
  • 1/4 tsp. sea salt
  • 2 Tbsp. tahini
  • 1 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp. toasted sesame oi
  • 1/4-1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper


  • 3 Tbsp. sesame seeds
  • 2 tsp. toasted sesame oil

In a small pan over medium heat, toast the sesame seeds (watch them carefully as they can burn quickly).

Place all remaining ingredients in a food processor and blitz until smooth (you may need to pause and scrape down the sides).

Spoon the hummus into a bowl and drizzle the toasted sesame oil over the surface, then sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds over top.  Enjoy!

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7 Comments on “Toasted Sesame Hummus”

  1. September 4, 2013 at 7:53 am #

    Toasted sesame seeds are so delicious! Thanks for the tip about topping hummus with them!

    • September 4, 2013 at 8:41 am #

      They really are nice for a new texture 🙂 and pretty too!

  2. September 4, 2013 at 8:48 am #

    That pile of toasted sesame seeds on top is beautiful!

    • September 4, 2013 at 8:49 am #

      I love when food is beautiful AND tasty 🙂

  3. September 6, 2013 at 1:28 pm #

    Love the combination of cayenne and toasted sesame oil – looking forward to making this soon!

    • September 6, 2013 at 1:36 pm #

      It is so delicious. Let me know how you like it!


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