Postcards from a Breakfast in Delhi

We passed through Delhi again on our way to our favourite city in India, Udaipur (stay tuned!!!!) — and that got us another hotel breakfast of supreme deliciousness.


My favourite savoury pancakes, uttapam, are made with the same batter as dosa (fermented rice and lentil batter!). Instead of being cooked on the griddle as thin & crispy crêpes (which is what you would do for dosa), uttapam are cooked as thick pancakes, which are fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside:


I like them really crispy on the outside:


Sevia Upma is spicy and made with rice vermicelli noodles (who doesn’t want noodles for breakfast?):


And fried lentil and rice fritters (vada):


While we didn’t have time to tour any more of Delhi, we did manage to check out the hotel’s vegetable gardens:



And off to Udaipur!!!

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2 Comments on “Postcards from a Breakfast in Delhi”

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