Postcards from Bagan

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to best share my adventures in Bagan, short of having all of you, dear readers, over to my house for dinner and 400 photos of stupas. 

So I’ve narrowed it down to just a handful of photos that best share the feelings I experienced in Bagan. 

And so… My Top Ten Photos of Bagan:

10) This old old stupa:  

9) This temple’s window:  

8) These traditional puppets:  

7) This kid, in a parade of proud family members, on his way to become a Buddhist monk: 


6) This cat, found lounging in the market atop a pile of fabric:  

5) This Bean Curd Salad:

4) These delicious toppings for salads and mains (roasted peanuts, pulses, and beans, toasted sesame seeds, fresh red pepper, and fermented tea leaf salad):


3) This Egg Curry (mmmmmm) 

2) This golden stupa of gorgeousness!  

1) This charming and tenacious 11-year-old, Yo Yo. Whenever I wear my bracelet, my heart will remember Yo Yo and Bagan. 

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