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Neal's Yard Dairy |

London: Neal’s Yard Dairy

Ok, my fellow Curd Nerds, this one’s for you. Last Saturday, as a part of my day trip with Francesca to London’s Borough Market, we made a pilgrimage to the happiest place in the land of cheese: Neal’s Yard Dairy.  Their Borough Market shop was in the perfect location for us to grab all the supplies […]

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Homemade Mascarpone |

Cheesemaking: Homemade Mascarpone

I’ve never had homemade Mascarpone before making this recipe… and now I’m spoiled.  I honestly couldn’t stop going into the fridge and having a taste here and a taste there, just to see how it was.  I had to force myself to stop so I could have enough to make frosting out of it! Just […]

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Whole Milk Ricotta |

Cheesemaking: Whole Milk Ricotta

Ok. Cheesemaking can be so much easier than I ever thought. I’ve made Ricotta for the first time this week, and now I’m hooked!!! It all started when my fellow Curd Nerd, Louise, sent me a link where Culture magazine talked about cheeses you could make in less than an hour.  Louise and I have […]

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Baby Cheese Tasting |

Baby Cheeses Update: The First Tasting

This weekend we went out to Hamilton to visit our dear friends Micheal & Tanya (whom you may remember from other delicious adventures such as Tanya’s Caesar Salad & Arepas). Michael has been following my Baby Cheese Updates on Instagram, and asked if one of the Baby Cheeses would be ready for sampling on Saturday. […]

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Baby Cheeses |

Baby Cheeses Update: Good Mold, Bad Mold…

Well, the baby cheeses are doing their thing, and developing that white penicillin mold all over the outside. That’s going to become the outer rind, so that the inside of the sheep’s milk cheese can ripen into creamy & oozy deliciousness. When we last saw our intrepid Cooler Cheeses, they looked like this: And throughout […]

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Baby Cheeses |

Baby Cheeses Update: Here Comes the Bourbon

So I’ve reached the end of my first week caring for my baby cheeses… and what a hoot it has been! As you may remember, I’ve got my Camemberts in two different setups: the cooler, and the (too-cold) fridge. My cooler cheeses are pretty happy.  They’re developing their rind of bloomy white mold on both […]

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Baby Cheeses - Bloomy White Mold |

Baby Cheeses Update: White Mold is a Good Thing

When we last saw our intrepid baby cheeses, they came home with me from cheese class in a plastic bag: There was brine in the bag that had turned grey from the ash coating, and so the cheeses were all wet. Armed with my knowledge of the affinage (cheese aging) process, I knew I had […]

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baby cheeses |

The baby cheeses are here!!!!!!

These are the ash-rubbed cheeses that we made at Monforte Dairy last weekend, and they are finally home! I’ve got a project for my Cave-Aged Cheese class (which is part of my fromager certificate at George Brown) to take care of these 10 sheep’s milk camembert-style rounds until the end of May. In our class […]

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Cheesemaking at Monforte Dairy |

Cheesemaking at Monforte Dairy

As much fun as we had touring the aging rooms at Monforte Dairy, we also got down to business and made some cheese. Char is a strong and devoted cheesemaker at Monforte. She took us in hand for the day to show us the process of making Monforte’s Black Sheep cheese, a sheep’s milk cheese […]

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Monforte Dairy |

Monforte Dairy — Stratford, Ontario

On Saturday, I traipsed off to Monforte Dairy in Stratford, Ontario. I’m taking another cheese class (this time it’s “Cave Aged Cheese” — all about the affinage process, which is what you do with cheese as it ages to make it extra delicious). Our teacher, Ruth, is the owner of Monforte, and so invited us over get our hands in the cheese vat to actually make some cheese! Stay tuned for that post… we not only made cheese, but we’re going to take it through the affinage process ourselves. But in the meantime, I thought I’d share some of the beautiful cheeses that Monforte is making.

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