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Brown Rice Rejuvelac

So it’s that time of year when our fair city looks like this: And the sumac all through the valleys has turned bright red: Which means I want to get into the kitchen and stock up for Winter! I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of new-to-me things this month because of Vegan MoFo and one […]

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Raw Vegan Pad Thai (or Noodle Salad with a Spicy Almond Dressing)

So earlier this week, I picked up a bag of kelp noodles (the Sea Tangle brand, if you’re wondering), and stuck them in the fridge. “What the heck are kelp noodles????“, you may be asking?  Well, they are just like they sound.  They’re made from kelp (seaweed) and have no taste of their own, so […]

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