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Gluten-Free Mulberry & Lemon Polenta Muffins

This is a muffin recipe that I’ve been tinkering with for a while, in many different iterations. I love the crunchy texture and bite that cornmeal (polenta) adds to baked goods.  It’s perfect on the bottom of crusty artisan breads or homemade pizza crusts, and I just adore it in muffins and pancakes.  I even […]

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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Inspiration strikes again, threefold: Whole Wheat Muffins from Mark Bittman!!  For some reason, reading about Whole Wheat Muffins on his New York Times blog made me desperate to make muffins.  Now. With pumpkin. Inspired by all the non-wheat flours in my pantry, I had to try something gluten-free. Meghan Telpner’s Turmeric Tea (like Chai, with […]

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Opera makes for some awesome bread

As I’ve been performing for the last two weeks (you know, the “Opera” part of “Kitchen Operas”), the routine has gotten a little out of whack.  There have been lots of quick meals, and lots of eating on the run. In order to regain some stability in my life yesterday, I thought it was time […]

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