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Masala Dosa in Kabini | kitchenoperas.com

Postcards from Karnataka

Ok… I’ve been trying to figure out how to share the jaw-dropping amazingness of all the sites we visited during our train journey throughout Karnataka (a state in South West India full of World Heritage Sites). And unless you want to come over to my house and see hundreds of photos, I think the best […]

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Phi Phi Island

Thailand: Phi Phi Island

Our final stop in Thailand was at a lovely beachy spot: Phi Phi Island. And it was truly a slice of paradise. The white beaches led you into the blue blue ocean, where you could walk out for 10 minutes into the ocean, and still be only chest-deep.  We did a lot of swimming, both […]

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Coconut Palm

Thailand: 101 Things to Do with a Coconut

Back in high school, we had a Canadian History class that covered all the travels and trials of the voyageurs (the people who traded beaver pelts by canoe before we had railways). My favourite teacher lovingly called the class “101 Things to Do with a Beaver”, and so in that tone I present to you […]

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Banana Nut Muffins (aka. Ash’s Celebratory Muffs)

The lovely Ash and I were getting together today for some much deserved tea time and a celebration — and as such I totally needed to make celebratory mini muffins. Or “Celebration Muffs” as we are now calling them. I went with banana nut as my flavour of the day, as I had some bananas […]

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India: Kochi, Kerala

Kathakali is the traditional dance of India, and tells the stories of the epics.  Usually Kathakali dances last all night, and take place at the temples for religious festivals.  The cultural centre has set up a show perfect for tourists: you get to see the dancers put on their makeup, they explain the traditions, give a little demo, and then do excerpts of a dance.

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Kumarakom houseboat

India: Kumarakom, Kerala

Our adventures through Kerala (in South India) continued to Kumarakom — land of the backwaters and the houseboats that serenely glide down the waters.

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Banana Bread

Whole Wheat “Kitchen Sink” Banana Bread

We interrupt this regularly scheduled tour of South India to bring you a recipe.  It’s not Indian breakfast, but it’s supremely tasty.  Also, my twitter peeps were asking for the recipe, so I had to hook you all up.  More on Indian travel, food & recipes coming soon! Happy long weekend, happy Easter, happy Sunday!  […]

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Temple carvings

India: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The first official stop on our sightseeing tour of South India, was Chennai (formerly Madras). Chennai is an IT hub, a big city, and the capital of Tamil Nadu.

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Coconut & Lime Grilled Kale

The inspiration? A line of text on a blog somewhere that said something like: “marinate kale in coconut milk for four hours, then grill”. You know that went to the TOP of my “To Make” List. And then I went researching, and found that there are all sorts of “grill kale marinated in coconut milk” […]

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Delhi, India: Past & Progress

The last stop on our whirlwind tour through India was the city of Delhi. Delhi was recently modernized for the 2010 Commonwealth Games — the city developed new transit, cleaned up the roads, and did tons of building. The taxis are known as “Tuk-Tuks”, and they are powered by Clean Natural Gas (CNG): It was […]

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