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Postcards from a Breakfast in Delhi

We passed through Delhi again on our way to our favourite city in India, Udaipur (stay tuned!!!!) — and that got us another hotel breakfast of supreme deliciousness. My favourite savoury pancakes, uttapam, are made with the same batter as dosa (fermented rice and lentil batter!). Instead of being cooked on the griddle as thin […]

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Postcards from Delhi

I’m trying something new around sharing travel photos — several of my lovely friends and family have asked if I would share pictures from the road, so here is a first attempt at a series of snapshots from our trip. We are fortunate enough to be exploring India again. In the past I’ve done full […]

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Delhi, India: Past & Progress

The last stop on our whirlwind tour through India was the city of Delhi. Delhi was recently modernized for the 2010 Commonwealth Games — the city developed new transit, cleaned up the roads, and did tons of building. The taxis are known as “Tuk-Tuks”, and they are powered by Clean Natural Gas (CNG): It was […]

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