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Dill Pickle Soup | kitchenoperas.com

Dill Pickle Soup

As you may know, Nicole and I have a mutual affinity for anything related to pickles. From our Pickled Soprano Cocktails to Dill Pickle Hummus, we will attempt to put pickles in anything and everything. Last Christmas, her prezzie to me included a pickle-flavoured candy cane (sweet and pickle-y — weird and great for Christmas), and my prezzie to her included a glass pickle Christmas ornament. You could call us pickle obsessed.

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Dill Pickle Hummus

This is my absolute favourite hummus that we have made so far this month. We wanted it to be full of pickle flavour, so we used fresh dill, lots of garlic, and garlicky dill pickles. The resulting flavour is full of delicious dill and takes us back to memories of eating dill pickle potato chips!

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