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Acorn Squash & Cremini Mushroom Enchiladas

So we’ve been eating out a lot due to some schedule craziness around here, and last night I wanted a really nourishing and delicious dinner.  But all I had in the house were some really weird odds and ends (tomatillos, alfalfa sprouts, red lentil stew, rhubarb, mushrooms), and a whole bunch of squash. I’m saving […]

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Red Mole Chili Enchiladas

You know what I love?  Enchiladas.  They have become a staple around my house since I made my Kale & White Bean Enchiladas.  I’ve had enchiladas on the weekly rotation ever since, mixing it up a little by adding poblano peppers to the tomatillo & onion mixture when I’ve got them on hand. I thought […]

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Kale & White Bean Enchiladas with Roasted Tomatillos & Onions

My very favourite dinner from our week at the cottage?  Enchiladas. I was lucky enough to get some local, organic tomatillos in a veggie box delivery, and ooooh did I need to turn them into a roasted tomatillo sauce (inspired by my Roasted Tomatillo Sauce that uses a blender), roasting the tomatillos until softened with […]

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