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Potato Phyllo Snake

I ended up with leftover potato filling from August’s Potato & Cottage Cheese Pierogi, and was struck with inspiration: extra potato filling should be wrapped in phyllo and baked as an appetizer! The easiest phyllo wrapping that I do is the method I use to create my Moroccan Baklava Snake: I use two sheets of […]

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Garlic Scape Pesto Puff Pastry Pizza

Thank you, Jamie Oliver. I usually don’t do this, but today I picked up the latest Jamie Oliver magazine, (Issue 10, June 2010), and while flipping through I stopped on the Vegetable Tartlets recipe, and declared we needed to have them for dinner. Usually, there’s an intricate process of sticky notes, adding to the To […]

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Stinging Nettle & Feta Phyllo Nests

Ohhhh, I am really loving all of these Spring greens making their way into my kitchen!  Stinging nettle greens are back (you can read about my first experience with the scary beasts), and I wanted to try them in a little lemony pastry bite.  As I couldn’t spend the whole afternoon in the kitchen, I […]

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