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Tortilla Scoops with Spicy Nectarine Salsa

Ok, for one last blast of summer entertaining, you need to make these. I hosted a Pampered Chef party this summer, along with my Mum and my friend Heather, where we made these amazing appetizers. And they are the easiest and most-impressive little delicious nibbles.  So now you get the recipe! We used nectarines, green […]

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Vegan Green Mango Salad

I crave mango salad.  In fact, it is one of my favourite things.  However, I don’t eat it very often as I am afraid of sneaky fish sauce making its way into the otherwise very veggie-friendly salad.  I’ve found fish sauce in mango salads one too many times after being assured that the salad would […]

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Mango Mojito Sorbet

My favourite adult drink on earth?  Mojitos.  It’s the mint + lime combo that I love so much, and I was craving it tonight.  So I got all mixological with my food processor and made a mojito-inspired dessert: Mango Mojito Sorbet. As long as you have some frozen fruit on hand, you can mix it […]

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