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A Trip Through London’s Borough Market

Normally, my Saturday morning routine involves a trip to the farmers’ market with Mr. KitchenOperas, to pick up my food from the week straight from the farmers.  But last Saturday took me away from home, and into the heart of London. So what was I to do, but meet up with one of my oldest and dearest […]

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Vietnam – The Delicious Mekong Delta

We explored Vietnam by sailing up the Mekong, which means we got to see life on the river. Our boat was always going over water hyacinth — a pretty plant that becomes a problem weed in the Mekong Delta.  It is used as food & animal feed, and also to weave baskets!  And it was […]

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Postcards from Pakokku Vegetable Market, Myanmar

We arrived one morning in Pakokku, to find that the large market we were to visit was closed for a Full Moon celebration.  Our guide told us we were unfortunately stuck with “just the vegetable market” and I was delighted!    The market was full of townspeople (mainly women) selling veggies, fruits, and fresh herbs […]

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Thailand: Chiang Mai – Waroros Market

One of our adventures in Chiang Mai was a walk through the local market: Waroros Market.  You could buy everything there, from food to clothes to gold!  But we focused on the good stuff – fresh fruits and veggies, sweets, snacks, and flowers!  (As always on the blog, you can click on the photos in […]

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India: Goa

We began our South Indian tour with a few days in Goa — India’s smallest state, known for its beaches. We thought it would be a great way to get over the jetlag, and oh it was a perfect plan! Our hotel had fantastic breakfasts — from the morning masala dosa to the buffet laid […]

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San Miguel: Tianguis de los Martes (Tuesday Market)

One of my favourite things to do, whether at home or while traveling, is to visit the farmer’s markets. I love buying fruits and veggies that I’ve never seen before, and then trying to figure out what to do with them. This week in San Miguel de Allende, we made it to the Tianguis de […]

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