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Thailand: Chiang Mai – Sweet Treats

Ohhhhhh I love a sweet treat.  And in Chiang Mai we discovered a few delicious things!!!! First up, Khanom Nang Led — our guide described them as “sweet crispy rice crackers”: Once upon a time, these treats were originally made from the crusty bits of rice left behind at the bottom of the rice pot […]

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Mung Bean Latkes

So what’s a girl to do with leftover mung beans?  (Holy cow, a small amount dried turns into a huge amount of cooked mung beans!)  Why, make latkes of course! These would probably be better called fritters, patties, or even croquettes (like my White Bean, Parsley & Chive Croquettes!), but the texture and smell reminds […]

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How to Grow Your Own Sprouts

I feel like I have mastered the power of the universe: I have grown my own sprouts!! It has been so exciting to test-drive the sprouting process: soak seeds, hang them to dry, rinse twice a day, voila sprouts!  Seriously, that’s how easy it is. And there are all kinds of contraptions you can use […]

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