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WWII Woolton Pie

The boyfriend and I have really enjoyed watching old episodes from a TV show called the Supersizers series this year.  The show is hosted by Giles Coren and Sue Perkins, who spend a week reenacting interesting time periods, like the Edwardian or Regency Eras. In one of their shows, they revisit Wartime Britain — where […]

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Kasha & Tofu with Shiitake Mushroom Gravy

I’m loving my buckwheat lately, and thought I’d try my hand at a gluten-free vegan mushroom gravy to go with it, after I was inspired by a suggestion of kasha & mushroom gravy in the amazing vegan cookbook, Veganomicon. I thought I’d experiment with buckwheat flour instead of wheat flour in the gravy, as the […]

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