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India: Kochi, Kerala

Kathakali is the traditional dance of India, and tells the stories of the epics.  Usually Kathakali dances last all night, and take place at the temples for religious festivals.  The cultural centre has set up a show perfect for tourists: you get to see the dancers put on their makeup, they explain the traditions, give a little demo, and then do excerpts of a dance.

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Indian lunch

India: Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

Our next stop following Chennai on our tour of South India was Mahabalipuram (formerly Mammalipuram) in the state of Tamil Nadu. We needed to power up with a good breakfast for the drive, and so started with an incredible plate (clockwise from the top: masala uttapam, coconut chutney, roasted tomato chutney, sambar (lentil soup), idli, […]

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Curried Okra

Okra looks like baby stars when you slice it: Want to know about okra’s amazing health benefits?  Holistic Nutritionist, Meghan Telpner, has explained it all at her blog.  You must go check it out. You may remember my okra adventures from my trip to South Carolina, where they had okra chips!  The vacuum-fried okra solved […]

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Okra Chips

So, the strangest thing I saw down here in South Carolina? Fried okra chips.  Yes, you read that right: Fried.  Okra.  Chips. I saw them at my favourite grocery store here, Fresh Market.  And even though I generally don’t eat fried things, I had to try these!   Apparently, the okra is “vacuum fried”, which […]

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