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Thailand: Phi Phi Island

Our final stop in Thailand was at a lovely beachy spot: Phi Phi Island. And it was truly a slice of paradise. The white beaches led you into the blue blue ocean, where you could walk out for 10 minutes into the ocean, and still be only chest-deep.  We did a lot of swimming, both […]

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Thailand: Chiang Mai – Whole Earth Restaurant

In Chiang Mai, we found a treat of a restaurant, and we liked it so much we went back again — Whole Earth Restaurant! Whole Earth offers an extensive vegetarian menu (along with omnivorous options), and when they say vegetarian, they mean it — no sneaky fish sauce or shrimp paste anywhere to be seen. […]

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Raw Vegan Pad Thai (or Noodle Salad with a Spicy Almond Dressing)

So earlier this week, I picked up a bag of kelp noodles (the Sea Tangle brand, if you’re wondering), and stuck them in the fridge. “What the heck are kelp noodles????“, you may be asking?  Well, they are just like they sound.  They’re made from kelp (seaweed) and have no taste of their own, so […]

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