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White Bean, Parsley & Chive Croquettes with Arugula & Horseradish Sauce

So by now (if you are a regular Kitchen Operas reader) you probably know all about my friend Louise. You know, my foodie friend who made macarons with me, who introduced me to turning squash into “jam”, who convinced me I could poach an egg, who has mulberry and quince trees (!), who likes all […]

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Red Quinoa Lemony Tabouli

Yesterday was the perfect day for a picnic in the park, so I whisked away my dear friend Ashley, and we had a gorgeous lunch: (which happened to be gluten-free and vegan) My contribution was this quinoa tabouli, made from red quinoa and flavoured with tons of lemon.  Oh yes, refreshing, filling, but still light […]

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Wheatberry Salad

So the boyfriend and I have been buying pre-made Wheatberry Salad at our local grocery store’s deli counter, and finally decided we could do it better ourselves — and healthier and cheaper, too! There is definitely less sugar in our version than the store-bought one, and a much higher veggie-to-grain ratio.  We like it that […]

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