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Gluten-Free Gnocchi with Sage Butter & Montasio

Ever since I started eating gluten-free, there have been a few comfort foods that I have been craving, and haven’t yet found a substitute for: stuffed pasta, dumplings, calzones, spring rolls, gnocchi, tiramisu, malt vinegar, Maltesers, and beer. The other day, Mr. KitchenOperas and I went for an afternoon stroll in the neighbourhood.  And we […]

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Mini Veggie Lasagnas

I love this idea of little lasagnas in muffin cups.  If you’re looking for portion control, baking teeny lasagnas like this will do it for you.  Or they’re just totally cute and insanely delicious. Mini lasagnas are also super easy to freeze for easy dinners later on.  And with how busy we’ve been around here […]

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Butternut Tortellini

Butternut Squash Tortellini in a Sage Butter

As delicious as the Chanterelle Tortellini Aglio e Olio were, Louise and I decided that we wanted a second stuffed-pasta option.  And so, Butternut Squash Tortellini in a Sage Butter were born: This is a very traditional combination of flavours, and for very good reason.   Butternut squash + sage = heaven. And on a side […]

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Chanterelle Tortellini Aglio e Olio (in a garlic & olive oil sauce)

So now that you know how to make your own Fresh Egg Pasta, you can get on with Operation Tortellini and start stuffing delicious vegetables into divine dough! As a very first hint, if you’re going to make stuffed pasta, make the filling first so it can rest while you make the pasta. And if […]

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How to Make Fresh Egg Pasta

I teamed up with Louise, and we spent a day implementing Operation Tortellini — a plan to get fresh stuffed pasta.

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Morel Mushroom Mac ‘n Cheese

So the boyfriend and I got thoroughly spoiled. We were gifted a gorgeous Emile Henry ceramic stew pot, and what to do with it other than welcome it to our home with Macaroni and Cheese? It can go on the stovetop and in the oven, and I’m using it for everything!  As you can see, […]

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Butternut Squash Lasagna with Mushrooms and Spinach

It’s Fall, and it’s getting chilly here, so it’s all squash all the time.  And this time, it’s a lasagna! I changed up the squash, and this time sliced a butternut squash lengthwise and popped it in the oven.  (If you’d like proper directions, check out: my post on how to roast squash). Along with […]

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Acorn Squash Whole Wheat Pasta with Poblano & Onions

So now that you know how to roast squash, I’m sure you’re dying to know what to do with it… right? Well.  How about an amazing pasta dish?  If you’ve already got squash roasted, you can have this ready in the time it takes to boil a pot of pasta.  Oh yes, it is delicious. […]

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Penne Pasta for Pemma (and her Peerless Palate)

Today is the birthday of my very dearest friend: Pemma.  We have had so many adventures together from escapades in the kitchen to musical fun and traveling! Pem likes bugs.  And makes friends with them at restaurants: And she is a secret spy… when it comes to the intrigue of avocados: She has such a […]

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Mushroom Wonton Ravioli with Garlic Scape Pesto

DID YOU KNOW? You can make ravioli out of wonton wrappers! And they are especially delicious when you stuff them with sauteed mushrooms, and top them off with a cherry tomato and garlic scape pesto sauce, lemon sheep’s milk cream cheese (Blossom from Monforte Dairy), and crushed walnuts with a little drizzle of my new […]

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