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Huevos Mildred

Ok.  You know how I like Tex Mex breakfast… well, I’ve gone and done it again. This time I’ve made “Huevos Mildred” — kind of like huevos rancheros, but inspired by the Huevos Monty at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen here in Toronto. The menu at Mildred’s changes all the time, but one of the constants on […]

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8 Minute Dinner: Kale & Queso Fresco Soft Tacos

Mmmmmm.  Queso Fresco.  Soft fresh cheesy goodness. I am adoring this new-to-me cheese… I don’t know if it’s because it reminds me of all the amazing meals I had in San Miguel, or just because it’s amazing.  It hardly matters, it’s divine: creamy without being too rich (because it’s a fresh, unaged cheese after all), […]

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