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Hummusalsa (Tomato Hummus)

Along with our huacamole adventure this weekend, Ashley and I made a second Mexican-inspired hummus to top our corn flatbreads (arepas).  We thought that along with a guacamole hummus, we also needed a salsa hummus.  And so Hummusalsa was born! The texture on this hummus is totally different from the huacamole — instead of being […]

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Tortilla Scoops with Spicy Nectarine Salsa

Ok, for one last blast of summer entertaining, you need to make these. I hosted a Pampered Chef party this summer, along with my Mum and my friend Heather, where we made these amazing appetizers. And they are the easiest and most-impressive little delicious nibbles.  So now you get the recipe! We used nectarines, green […]

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Roasted Tomatillo / Tomato Sauces

I’d never worked with tomatillos until this weekend, and I think they’re going to become a new staple around here. I managed to pick up all of my “San Miguel at Home” produce, including tomatillos, at Emporium Latino (243 Augusta Avenue, in Kensington Market).  And somehow I got out of the shop without picking up […]

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