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Quince & Brie Baguette

I think that any chutney/cheese combination would be fantastic on a baguette — mango chutney and brie, or cranberry chutney and goat’s cheese, or tomato chutney and cheddar.

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Roasted Portobello & Onion Sandwich with Blue Cheese

I feel silly for posting a sandwich recipe… but really, this one is good enough to warrant it. We had a family BBQ, and we vegetarians in the family requested “lots of veggies on the grill… maybe portobello mushrooms, and some onions, and stuff?” and we were rewarded with portobello mushrooms and foil-wrapped onions!  Mmm.  […]

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Tempeh Avocado Sandwich with Kale Salad

Sometimes you need a sandwich, and sometimes you’re craving tempeh and avocado. If you don’t know tempeh, it’s a fermented soybean product (doesn’t that sound delicious?  I promise you, it’s great!), which originated in Indonesia, and tastes great in curries.  It’s on the richly umami side of veggie proteins, with a bit of a mushroom-y […]

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