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Rhubarb Chutney

I never seem to know when I can find rhubarb around here… But I managed to score a few precious stalks, so I wanted to do something really special with it. Back in the spring, I had found a recipe for rhubarb chutney, and filed it on the “To Eat” list for later in the […]

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Penne Pasta for Pemma (and her Peerless Palate)

Today is the birthday of my very dearest friend: Pemma.  We have had so many adventures together from escapades in the kitchen to musical fun and traveling! Pem likes bugs.  And makes friends with them at restaurants: And she is a secret spy… when it comes to the intrigue of avocados: She has such a […]

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Roasted Tomatillo / Tomato Sauces

I’d never worked with tomatillos until this weekend, and I think they’re going to become a new staple around here. I managed to pick up all of my “San Miguel at Home” produce, including tomatillos, at Emporium Latino (243 Augusta Avenue, in Kensington Market).  And somehow I got out of the shop without picking up […]

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