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Ye’Takelt Allecha (Gingery Root Vegetables)

As a part of a great Ethiopian dinner, it’s great to have contrasting flavours and textures.  So let’s say you have some gorgeous collard greens (ye’abesha gomen), it’s great to also have a spicy smooth stew (like spicy lentils, recipe tomorrow) and then some veggies in big chunks. For my Ethiopian dinner, I chose to […]

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Lentil & Root Vegetable Curry

This lentil & root veggie curry may not be the prettiest to look at (and photographed by candlelight and fluorescents doesn’t help, but give me a break, it was cottage time), but it sure is DIVINE. I made it as a vegetarian response to all the meaty/fishy things the boys were eating up at the […]

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