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Postcard from BKK

Airport bookshops always have the best finds. Prepare for deliciousness… I am inspired! 

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Postcards from a Breakfast in Bangkok

Greetings from Bangkok! It’s already proving delicious!!  Evidence 1 — Yolk of perfection: Evidence 2 — Fresh honeycomb: A perfect method for coping with jetlag!

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Phi Phi Island

Thailand: Phi Phi Island

Our final stop in Thailand was at a lovely beachy spot: Phi Phi Island. And it was truly a slice of paradise. The white beaches led you into the blue blue ocean, where you could walk out for 10 minutes into the ocean, and still be only chest-deep.  We did a lot of swimming, both […]

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Sunset view

Thailand: Phuket – Patong Beach

After our wonderful adventures in Chiang Mai, we headed down to Phuket for a bit of beach holiday! Phuket is known as a beach destination — there are tons of tall hotel towers on Patong beach: But we were lucky enough to stay at the quiet end of the beach — and ohhhh was it […]

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Pad Thai

Thailand: Chiang Mai – Whole Earth Restaurant

In Chiang Mai, we found a treat of a restaurant, and we liked it so much we went back again — Whole Earth Restaurant! Whole Earth offers an extensive vegetarian menu (along with omnivorous options), and when they say vegetarian, they mean it — no sneaky fish sauce or shrimp paste anywhere to be seen. […]

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Hottest Green Curry ever

Thailand: Chiang Mai – Wat Chiang Man, Wat Suan Dok, and The Hottest Green Curry Ever

One of our tours in Chiang Mai included a visit to four temples — including the gorgeous Wat Chiang Man, which houses the Crystal Buddha, and Wat Suan Dok. Our first stop was at Wat Suan Dok, where we saw a monk on cell phone.  We had also seen a monk in a mall in […]

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Rice Crispy Crackers

Thailand: Chiang Mai – Sweet Treats

Ohhhhhh I love a sweet treat.  And in Chiang Mai we discovered a few delicious things!!!! First up, Khanom Nang Led — our guide described them as “sweet crispy rice crackers”: Once upon a time, these treats were originally made from the crusty bits of rice left behind at the bottom of the rice pot […]

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Waroros Market

Thailand: Chiang Mai – Waroros Market

One of our adventures in Chiang Mai was a walk through the local market: Waroros Market.  You could buy everything there, from food to clothes to gold!  But we focused on the good stuff – fresh fruits and veggies, sweets, snacks, and flowers!  (As always on the blog, you can click on the photos in […]

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Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

Thailand: Chiang Mai – Doi Suthep & The Meo Hill Tribe

After our adventures in Bangkok, we headed north to Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand, and was the capital of the Lanna Kingdom — which means it is a perfect place to see fine examples of Lanna architecture (older than what we’d seen in Bangkok). We charged up for our […]

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Floating Market

Thailand: Bangkok – Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

My favourite part of our time in Bangkok was actually a day trip we took outside of Bangkok. We drove out into the surrounding areas in order to go visit the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, about 90k (56 miles) from Bangkok. En route, we stopped to visit a salt field. Salt can only be harvested […]

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