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A Trip Through London’s Borough Market

Normally, my Saturday morning routine involves a trip to the farmers’ market with Mr. KitchenOperas, to pick up my food from the week straight from the farmers.  But last Saturday took me away from home, and into the heart of London. So what was I to do, but meet up with one of my oldest and dearest […]

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Vietnam – The Delicious Mekong Delta

We explored Vietnam by sailing up the Mekong, which means we got to see life on the river. Our boat was always going over water hyacinth — a pretty plant that becomes a problem weed in the Mekong Delta.  It is used as food & animal feed, and also to weave baskets!  And it was […]

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Vietnamese Iced Coffee at Trung Nyugen, Ho Chi Minh City

Begin your iced coffee adventure by sitting at a table and absorbing the atmosphere of Trung Nyugen, a buzzing chain of coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon).   Then sit with your iced tea (of confusing herbal taste) and pick your coffee by number from off the menu. I recommend the “Number […]

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Postcards from Bagan

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to best share my adventures in Bagan, short of having all of you, dear readers, over to my house for dinner and 400 photos of stupas.  So I’ve narrowed it down to just a handful of photos that best share the feelings I experienced in Bagan.  And […]

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Postcards from Pakokku Vegetable Market, Myanmar

We arrived one morning in Pakokku, to find that the large market we were to visit was closed for a Full Moon celebration.  Our guide told us we were unfortunately stuck with “just the vegetable market” and I was delighted!    The market was full of townspeople (mainly women) selling veggies, fruits, and fresh herbs […]

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Postcards from U Bein Bridge, Myanmar

If you’re going to Myanmar, I’d strongly recommend adding U Bein Bridge to your itinerary.  Before our excursion, we started with a good lunch including more delicious salads —Omelette Salad:  Herb Salad of cilantro and sawtooth herb with roasted peanuts:   Banana Leaf Salad: And my favourite dessert yet — Fried Bananas in Mandalay Rum Caramel: And […]

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Postcards from Ngwe Ngein Village, Myanmar

Sometimes you just need an English Breakfast to stock up on energy for your day of adventure. The fresh local eggs from Myanmar are full of flavour —  check out the colour of those yolks!   Fuelled up, we spent a morning in Ngwe Nyein village, renowned for making massive clay water pots:       […]

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Postcards from “The Unknown Village”, Myanmar

On our Myanmar adventure itinerary, one of the stops on the Irrawaddy was listed as “The Unknown Village”. When we arrived, we asked the locals the name of the village, which translates to “Large Oil Lamp”.   The main crop of the village is groundnuts (peanuts), which get shipped by boat up and down the […]

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Postcards from Mingun, Myanmar 

We started our day in Mingun, Myanmar watching the river come to life from aboard our ship:  And awaiting us on the riverbank, the local ladies waiting to sell us jade jewellery and longyi fabric:      In Mingun we visited Mingun Paya (the Unfinished Temple), and even climbed to the top to enjoy the view.    This […]

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Postcards from Mandalay, Myanmar

Watermelons on the bank of the Irrawaddy River:   Traditional Myanmar Bean Sprout Salad — using chickpea flour in the dressing!!!   Roasted pumpkin with mayo:   A road where all the stonecutters create marble Buddhas:   And leave some of the faces for later:   Covering themselves in marble dust:   While the monks hang their robes out to dry.   […]

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