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Bourbon Vanilla Extract

In case you should need a last-minute homemade holiday gift, I’ve got you covered! Did you know you can make your own vanilla extract? It’s truly truly simple, all you need is some alcohol, some vanilla beans, a container, and some time. The magic formula is 3 vanilla beans for each cup (250 ml) of […]

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Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

For all the Canadians in the crowd — Happy Thanksgiving!!!! We were so thankful to be able to celebrate with family and friends last night. And our wonderful host, Michael, was sweet enough to accommodate all of our food challenges: one gluten-free vegetarian-blogging-vegan-for-the-month (me!), one vegetarian, two omnivore mushroom-haters, and two omnivores who will eat […]

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Raspberry Ice Slice

Raspberries & Cream Ice Slice

So the fiancé picked up some gorgeous raspberries from “The Berry Guy”, and I got to do something with them.  An excellent plan. Just like I did for my Gluten-Free Roasted Rhubarb & Strawberry Polenta Cake, I opened up Nigel Slater’s Tender, Volume 2 (it’s the fruit book, Volume 1 is the veggie one), and thought […]

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Heather’s Chocolate Banana Pie

So remember the perfect pie dish that I got from Heather for Christmas, that we used for Heather’s Mushroom, Leek and Lentil Pie?  Well, we thought it was time to make a sweet pie in it! Heather loves the combination of chocolate and bananas, and said I could go to town creating a recipe.  So […]

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India: Spice Plantations in Goa & Periyar

One very last India post for you — and this is one of my favourite recaps! We were lucky to go to two different spice plantations when we were in South India: one in Goa, and one in Periyar (Kerala).  The pictures in this post are from both spots. We had two lovely guides, both […]

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Banana Bread

Whole Wheat “Kitchen Sink” Banana Bread

We interrupt this regularly scheduled tour of South India to bring you a recipe.  It’s not Indian breakfast, but it’s supremely tasty.  Also, my twitter peeps were asking for the recipe, so I had to hook you all up.  More on Indian travel, food & recipes coming soon! Happy long weekend, happy Easter, happy Sunday!  […]

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Baked Oatmeal

Baked Apple Cranberry Steel Cut Oatmeal

I needed a healthy breakfast that was easy and quick in the mornings.  So I found something that I could make once and then keep around to heat quickly in the mornings and get my nutrition in without thinking!  I’d been seeing baked oatmeal all around the blogosphere, and decided I needed to make a […]

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Whole Wheat Compost Cookies

Whole Wheat Compost Cookies

You know how I said that my Whole Wheat Toblerone Cookies were my favourite cookies ever? Move over Toblerone Cookies, there’s a new Whole Wheat Cookie in town – the Whole Wheat Compost Cookie. I’ve been hearing a lot about Christina Tosi and the amazing treats she’s whipping up at Momofuku Milk Bar in New […]

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Kamut Ginger Granola for Mum

This granola is made with Kamut and Ginger, and it makes you feel all toasty warm and happy inside. I think I’ll be using kamut flakes in granola forever more.

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Kamut & Pumpkin Porridge

When the weather starts to get that Fall chill, I want pumpkin. And porridge. So I put the two together. And it is perfect.

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